Big Brother Comes to Fluid Fest

Major Motion Picture knows someone is always watching
Fluid Fest: Major Motion Picture


Major Motion Picture explores timely themes of surveillance, otherness, propaganda and belief through eccentric and lawless characters. The hybrid performance includes infrared technology and an onstage surveillance system alongside Out Innerspace’s unique movement invention.

Seven dancers fight for the theatre, losing and gaining the grounds for their power and identity. A mysterious third party is present in every conflict, teaching desire and leading patterns. Living in the wings, The Others hack into the theatre with wild attempts to steal the show and regain the stage as their own. With influences ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Die Antwoord, and Orson Welles to Slavoj Žižek, the music of Bernard Herrmann meets urban underground and an original composition by Belgian producer Tristan Vloeberghs.

Major Motion Picture will be performed at Fluid Fest from October 20 through 22. The Fluid Movement Arts Festival brings artists and audiences together to stir Calgary with contemporary art, dance and physical performance. For more information on Major Motion Picture and other festival performances visit springboardperformance.com.

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