Between Time

Between Time by Zoja Smutny and Guntar Kravis / Portable's Fashion on Film Party


Toronto-based artists, choreographer Zoja Smutny and visual artist Guntar Kravis collaborate often, creating short films that use dancers to tell their stories. Between Time premiered in the Court Métrage at the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and had its American premiere in New York City at the Portable Fashion on Film Party in 2012. The film looks at movement, physicality and the resilience of women. The pair also created RecentFuture, an experiment in which they asked performers to stare into a camera lens and then noted the impact each look had on the overall performance.

Smutny will be at Toronto’s SummerWorks Performance Festival on August 15, presenting a solo titled this I LOVE YOU thing. Other SummerWorks performances include Benjamin Kamino with Fathers & Sons: Kamino Family, Amanda Acorn, Liz Peterson, Bojana Stancic in Flowchart series, curated by Amelia Ehrhardt, and Daniel Léveillé Danse.

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