Dansez jusqu'à l'aube / Dancing Till Dawn By Julye Huggins
(court métrage) BATTLES - Danser jusqu'a l'aube - Dancing Till Dawn.mp4 (V.720p)

This video by Productions Le Projet BLAIS from Montréal is an even combination of entertaining and educational material. Introducing the concept of battles in dance, this video then goes beyond that to find out who battle-oriented dancers are as people, groups and as a culture, in addition to how they live. The film divulges not only characteristics of these dance styles, such as locations and garb, but also dancers’ insights on the genres they work to master. The individual dancers comment on dancing as a whole: what motivates or drives them to continue to include dance as an essential part of their lives. The footage in this film was shot at Bust a Move 2012, an international street dance competition annually hosted in Montréal at La TOHU and Métro Place-des-Arts.
Learn more:La TOHU and Bust a Move

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