Batsheva Dance Company: Hora

By Julye Huggins
HORA by Ohad Naharin.mp4

Coming up February 28th in Québec, La Rotonde presents the Israeli troupe Batsheva Dance Company with their work Hora, by Artistic Director Ohad Naharin. The company then tours the performance to Montréal as a Danse Danse presentation at Place des Arts, March 1st through 3rd.This abstract work makes a stark statement in lime green and black, a minimalist framing that draws attention to the strength, precision and articulation of the eleven dancers. It also bolsters the subtle, quirky humour. As stated on the presenter’s website: “Conveying total commitment, the dancers give physical form to the sound score by masters arrangers Isao Tomita and Ryioji Ikeda (only for Data Matrix), a series of surprising adaptations of music ranging from Star Wars to 2001: A Space Odyssey, by way of Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.”Later this summer, the company will be in Toronto presenting their new work SADEH21 by Naharin, co-commissioned by Luminato Festival and the Israel Festival, Jerusalem.
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