Ballet Adagio

A short film directed by Norman McLaren and produced by the National Film Board (1972)
Ballet Adagio


From the direction to the dancing, Ballet Adagio is a classic Canadian masterpiece. Viewed through the expert eye of award-winning Scottish-Canadian director Norman McLaren, the dancers, Canadian-born husband and wife Anna Marie and David Holmes, appear caught in the act of a joyous and perfectly organic pas de deux. The couple were the first North Americans to be invited to dance with the famed Kirov Ballet in Russia and their expertise is palpable. Shot in slow motion to Albinoni’s enchanting music, each movement of Messerer’s demanding pas de deux is captured alongside flower-child radiance and ease. With athletic agility and exacting grace, the formidable motions of ballet are made human through Anna Marie and David’s joie de vivre.


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