The Ballad of Herbie Cox: Touring the Canadian Fringe Circuit

By Julye Huggins
Fringe 2012 - The Ballad of Herbie Cox

Running along the Fringe circuit this season is The Ballad of Herbie Cox by director Jonno Katz. The tour includes Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary (August 3rd through 11th), Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver. The show stars the Australian professional dance couple Victoria Chiu and Roland Cox, and their son Herbie Cox. Through physical theatre, their storytelling crosses four generations in what they describe as a “diary of dance and music.” According to their press kit: “It’s not family dirt that surfaces but rather intriguing idiosyncrasies we never knew about people who are so close to us. In unwinding the twists in our families all the way to our own child, it is clear that everyone has arrived on this earth from a series of chances in the quest for love or sex. Every single one of us is a unique mixture of DNA derived from histories we may not have known much about, which affect us more than we think.”
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