Badke: KVS/les ballets C de la B/A.M. Qattan Foundation (c) Zaina Zarour


Badke is a distortion of dabke, the Palestinian folk dance. In 2006, KVS, les ballets C de la B and the A.M. Qattan Foundation initiated a series of workshops with young Palestinian performing artists to create what will appear in Toronto as part of WorldStage next week.

“Ten performers go on to confront this locally rooted dance with elements from worldwide pop danceculture,” notes lesballetscdela.be. “So Badke becomes a double quest: one that conveys the unique Palestinian desire to ‘belong somewhere’, and at the same time the wish to be part of a world beyond that.”

Badke assembles a group of Palestinian dancers who have taken daily risks in the pursuit of their craft. Crossing through borders and checkpoints, both literally and figuratively, they combine traditional dabke with elements of hip hop and capoeira for this energetic and politically charged performance.

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