Atelier de flamenco avec Juan Carlos Lérida

Workshop with Montréal's La Otra Orilla By Jillian Groening
Atelier de flamenco avec Juan Carlos Lérida - Avril 2016Miguel Medina
Miguel Medina


Heels clack on the wooden floor and wrists twirl sinuously as electronic beats thump under the sound of Spanish singing. Hands clap, heavy skirts sway, and an enthralled line of observers surround the dance space. A special electric energy is palpable even through the lens of a camera.

Captured on film by Miguel Medina, participants in a six day composition and improvisation workshop are taking part in their final class with renowned flamenco artist Juan Carlos Lérida of Seville, Spain. Presented by Montréal-based company La Otra Orilla, the workshop welcomed fifteen performers from across Canada to take part in the unique event. The public was invited to view a presentation on the last day as part of Québec Danse. Raw and teeming with life, this is flamenco on film like you have never witnessed before.

Up next, La Otra Orilla will present Myriam Allard’s work pas à trois at Dusk Dances in August 2016.

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