Aszure Barton & Artists: International Tour

By Julye Huggins

Travelling across the globe, Aszure Barton & Artists presents a mixed program of works in its international tour. Including performances in the United States and Austria, the company has performed in Vancouver from October 24th through 28th, and in Sherbrooke on November 13th. Upcoming performances include Montréal on November 16th and 17th, Kingston on the 20th, Brampton on the 22nd and St. Catharines on the 24th.Canadian-born Aszure Barton was raised in Alberta and is now the artistic director of her company operating in New York. The company is a group of artists based in visual, performance and auditory art, who according their website have a goal of evoking the “movement-based vision and free spirit of its founder.” With an international focus, this tour has shows booked in Austria, British Columbia, Arizona, Québec and Ontario. Performers include Jonathan Alsberry, Collin Baja, Andrew Murdock, Banning Roberts, Stephan Laks, Cindy Salgado, Emily Oldak, Kyle Robinson, Reed Luplau, Charissa Barton, Charlaine Katsuyoshi and Michelle Mola.
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