Aszure Barton and Artists: Lascilo Perdere

By Julye Huggins

Today marks the launch of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive, an online video resource of dance clips from 1937 through 2010. According to the recent press release, the collection “offers a curated selection of videos by artists who have performed at Jacob’s Pillow over the past seven decades” and aims to expand global dance audiences.Among those featured in the collection is Canadian choreographer Aszure Barton, whose company first performed at the Pillow in 2004 and returned for two consecutive seasons. This work entitled Lascilo Perdere (A journey of letting go) was choreographed by Barton in 2005 and features performers Banning Roberts and Èric Beauchesne.Be sure to check out the November 2009 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Aszure Barton.
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