The Artist Within

By Vanessa Zeoli
Episode 1 | The Artist Within | Behind the Scenes


This month, B.O.S.S. Dance Team presents a story-driven production written and directed by GeNie Baffoe, featuring over seventy local artists. The Artist Within explores the struggle of balancing an artistic career alongside a day job and other aspects of life. It considers the repercussions of overwork on artists and those in their lives. 

The narrative follows the journeys of a dancer, a choreographer, an actor, a rapper, a beatboxer, a singer and a DJ, some who have put in the work and made it, some who are working to make it and some who find themselves just working. What these artists share is a desire to grow and protect their passions while resisting ideas as to what constitutes a “practical” line of work.  

Baffoe has created several videos that offer a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this behind-the-scenes performance. The artists share some of their own personal experiences holding non-artistic jobs and completing educational requirements while simultaneously maintaining an artistic career. It is apparent that while each artistic discipline comes with its own ups, downs, laughs, failures and successes, there is ultimately a unified struggle that connects all performers. ”All of us must fight day in and day out,” says Baffoe, “to grow, share, and protect our passion in whatever form it takes. 

GeNie Baffoe is a freestyle battle dancer from Montréal, Québec. He teaches hip hop at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and heads B.O.S.S. Dance Team (Built on Self Success), a Winnipeg-based urban hip hop dance crew.

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The Artist Within runs March 30 and 31 at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People in Winnipeg. 

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