The Art of Colour .Dance

Film Two – #677E7F By Emma Kerson
The Art Of Colour .Dance #677E7F


In the second film by Ming-Bo Lam and Christian Peterson, the female-female duet is revisited. The intentionally minimalist cinematography allows the attention to be more on the feeling and less on defining the specifics of the relationship between dancers Mayumi Lashbrook and Jee Lam. “We wanted those relationships between the dancers to happen in the shadows,” Peterson told The Dance Current, “in that zone just before the darkness.” The focus was on mood and intention in the creation process. The colour would gradually be revealed. Lam adds that while choreographing, it was about the “interchangeability between mood and colour,” and that “while I couldn’t pinpoint an exact shade, I could sense the general hue.”

#677E7F is the second in a series of three. See the first dancefilm here.

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