The Art of Colour .Dance

Film 3 – #1E1F27 By Emma Kerson
The Art Of Colour .Dance #1E1F27


TAOC.D’s final duet by collaborators Ming-Bo Lam and Christian Peterson is danced by Julie McLachlan and Jenna Schaefer.

Reflecting on the process of choreographing with a mood in mind, filming and then finding a specific colour to match, Lam told The Dance Current, “We would shift shades just slightly to see how closely we could pair a visual with the emotional experience.” They even surprised themselves with some of their choices. “Once we had seen it, we couldn’t change it … It was quite powerful, how setting the colour locked in the intention of the work.”

Though the series is currently a triptych, the possibilities are endless. Peterson says they’d “love to keep creating choreographies that represent specific colours, and then have a large body of work that would really explore the nuances of how we perceive and think about the relation between colour, motion and emotion.”

#1E1F27 is the third and final in this series. Watch #677E7F and #958EAC.

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