The Art of Colour .Dance

Film One – #958EAC By Emma Kerson
The Art Of Colour .Dance #958EAC


Inspired by Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten’s book The Art of Color, dancer and choreographer Ming-Bo Lam and director and cinematographer Christian Peterson forged a collaboration that investigates the book’s theories as applied to movement in The Art of Colour .Dance (TAOC.D). Itten illustrated how perception of colour shifts when placed in different contexts. In this first of three films, Lam in duet with dancer Natasha Poon Woo dance in a blank space relating to each other around the idea of a colour. “There could be instances where they reinforced each other’s movement,” Peterson shared with The Dance Current, “and others where it was more about push and pull. It’s all a bit abstract, but in the end it’s about perception … whether it be about colour or movement.”



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