Excerpts from last year's premiere
ArmbandHanna Kiel
Hanna Kiel


The brainchild of Human Body Expression founder Hanna Kiel, Armband (2015) focuses on an impactful childhood memory. Raised in Seoul, South Korea, Kiel recalls observing an older man donning a yellow armband. Meant to signify leadership, the striking adornment has surfaced in Kiel’s work. Featuring seven dancers flowing in and out of unison, in and out of contact with each other, the notion of who is leading who is always present. The video gives a Coles Notes of the work, beginning with what appears to be a circle of stiff dignitaries and ending with the striking lone image of Erin Poole. Her movement quality is mesmerizing, blending contemporary fluidity with pop and lock crispness.

To further explore Armband, read The Dance Current review, written by Christina Strynatka, here. Most recently, Hanna Kiel premiered her work The Gift (May 2016), a commission from the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre.

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