Anjali (Anne-Marie Gaston): The Dance of Time

By Julye Huggins
Dance of Time

The March 2011 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a feature on South Asian dance: “South Asian Dance: From the Margins to Many Centres.” “Once obscure and exoticized, South Asian dance now appears in venues across North America and Europe. Less apparent is the range of artistic initiatives that appear under the banner of South Asian dance. Also less evident are the contrasting dance milieus that have sprung up in global cities.” By Janet O’Shea, The Dance Current: Print, March 2011. Included in the issue’s collection of South Asian dance practitioners in Canada is Anjali (Anne-Marie Gaston), seen here performing this contemporary work The Dance of Time (2006). Based on a poem by creative collaborator Tony Gaston, The Dance of Time is an expression of Shiva’s (a major Hindu deity known as the Destroyer) creation and destruction. This piece is called “a brief history of the human species” in the video description, while notes on the company’s website ask: “Can anyone say with confidence that the artists of today have more skill and inspiration than those ancient people, crouched in the deepest darkness of the Lascaux caves? Can anyone claim to be more wise than Socrates, more sensible than Siddharta Gautama, more inventive than da Vinci? We are what we are, no more and no less than cave men in suits and skirts.”Be sure to see more of Anjali and Company when they perform April 15th and 16th, 2011 at Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa.
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