Alterity Problem's Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds

Behind the Music of Emily Pelstring's Choreocinema By Sarah Lochhead
Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds


Our September/October 2015 print article “Performing and Forming: Choreocinema in the media art of Emily Pelstring” discusses the technology and methods Pelstring used to create Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds. “I’m interested in producing moving images that are ‘animated’ by the interaction between a camera, monitor, a mixer, a computer, sometimes a projector, and a colorizer in a feedback loop, which I interrupt and adjust to produce varying effects,” said Pelstring.” Both formally and thematically, my work explores this relationship between the automatic processes of machines and manual interventions.” The footage she created was edited together as a music video for Alterity Problem’s (Alex Moskos and Joel Taylor) composition of the same name. In an excerpt from Moskos’s novella Toronto made available on the Brian’s Tape Label blog, Moskos describes the conditions under which the music was created – during Taylor’s fatal battle with pancreatic cancer: “We recorded most of <i>Doing My Rounds/Checking My Rounds</i> at 1041 Ossington. Joel played much of it himself, despite his fatigue. That came from the chemotherapy treatment rather than his own disease.” Footage of Taylor recording <i>Doing My Rounds/Checking My Rounds</i> can be viewed here.

Emily Pelstring also performs along with Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Mensch under the moniker Inflatable Deities, a cross-disciplinary performance project, whose installation entitled <i>Chroma Tome</i> will be at PDA Projects in Ottawa until October 3.


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