For All People

Culture Shock Toronto By Jillian Groening
Culture Shock Toronto 2015 - For All PeopleCulture Shock Toronto / Directed by Emma Wathan
Culture Shock Toronto / Directed by Emma Wathan


Get ready, get set. Culture Shock Toronto and Bollywood Monster Mashup are teaming up for what might be one of the most dynamic partnerships of the summer festival circuit. Combining the hip hop troupe’s slick performance skills with the bombastic energy of Canada’s largest South Asian festival, the event is sure to inspire. Focusing on innovative performance, artist development and community enrichment, Culture Shock Canada is an organization that utilizes hip hop outreach and dance education as a tool to unite. In this video, artists with Culture Shock Toronto perform a work that exemplifies their motto: “We are a troupe of individuals who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity and respect for all people.” Directed by Emma Wathan, smiling dancers bust a move in city streets to the eternally catchy Major Lazer and DJ Snake track “Lean On”.

Culture Shock Toronto is set to perform a hip hop and Bollywood fusion piece the evening of July 23 at Mississauga Celebration Square. The event is free.

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