All The Ladies Get Krump

All female KRUMP workshop with PRIMALVideo by Danny Davalos
Video by Danny Davalos


OIP Dance Centre in Toronto is hosting an all-female krump workshop led by dancer and choreographer Primal on February 1. “The girls in krump are buck,” says Primal to The Dance Current intern and founder of wordupto.ca, Deanne Kearney. “I want girls to dance side by side and support each other. I’m in the video but you are not going to see me freestyling. It’s not about me. I want the girls to see other girls doing it. That is the whole purpose. The girls are good. We just need more of them because the ones that are in it are hungry.” The workshop will include a brief breakdown of the history of women’s role in krump. Primal compares the workshop to female-only gyms, “They feel more comfortable around each other when there aren’t groups of men gawking.” Plans for future workshops are already in place to bring female teachers in like respected Canadian female krumper, Taminator. 

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