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Alban Richard: Working with Toronto Dance Theatre

By Julye Huggins

Coming up in Toronto May 19th through 22nd, Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) presents the Paris/Toronto Project, featuring world premieres by French choreographers Alban Richard (artistic director of ensemble l’Abrupt) and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (artistic director of Compagnie Sui generis). Paris/Toronto Project follows the success of Berlin/Toronto Project from the company’s 2009 season.This interview video highlights Richard’s work It can’t be dying, - it’s too rouge, - (a quote from Emily Dickinson) set on TDT’s five male cast members David Houle, Brodie Stevenson, Simon Renaud, Pulga Muchochoma and Naishi Wang. Vo-Dinh is working with the female side of the company, including Alana Elmer, Mairi Greig, Kaitlin Standeven, Syreeta Hector, Sarah Wasik and Linnea Wong. Check out the video below to see her interview video.For more on Toronto Dance Theatre, be sure to check out the Summer 2009 edition of The Dance Current print magazine.

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