Against Nature / À Rebours

By Emma Kerson
From The House Of Mirth - Trailer


James Kudelka’s newest work, Against Nature / À Rebours, is the second in a series of salon-style creations for Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie. His first salon creation, From the House of Mirth, (featured in the video above) premiered in 2012 and wove distinct art forms into one. Similarly, Against Nature incorporates one dancer (Laurence Lemieux), two singers (Alexander Dobson, Geoffrey Sirett) and three musicians (Steven Philcox, Parmela Attariwala and Carina Reeves) with original composition by James Rolfe and libretto by Alex Poch-Goldin. Against Nature pulls from Joris-Karl Huysmans’ novel by the same name. Says Kudelka of the novel, “It is sensuous, celebrating smell, touch, colour, skin, poetry, painting, sex and home decorating; to the point of decadence.”

Against Nature / À Rebours runs May 5-15 at The Citadel in Toronto.

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