605 Collective: New Animal

By Julye Huggins
The 605 Collective - New Animal - Teaser

Running February 7th through 11th in Vancouver, the 605 Collective is presenting the premiere of New Animal by Dana Gingras. This work-in-progress video features Amber Funk Barton, Lisa Gelley, Sasha Kozak, Josh Martin and Shay Kuebler (though David Raymond will be replacing Kuebler in the performance). The work will also incorporate sound design by Roger Tellier-Craig and projected film by Gingras and Yannick Grandmont.The work is described as a rediscovery of an embodied animal nature, and through this, an exploration of an interdependent group dynamic. The presenter’s website states: “Suffused with raw, unbridled energy, groove, ludic interaction and a hunger for movement, the performers reclaim their animal bodies as a means of becoming fully human. […] Both playful and intimate, this work walks a tightrope between fleeting moments of control and radical shifts in dynamics.” Be sure to check out the April 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on the 605 Collective.
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