The 605 Collective: Audible

By Julye Huggins
"Audible" by The 605 Collective

The 605 Collective is currently on a tour of BC, showcasing excerpts of Audible alongside Amber Funk Barton’s Hero and Heroine. Audible was collectively choreographed by its five dancers: Lisa Gelley, Sasha Kozak, Shay Kuebler, Josh Martin and Maiko Miyauchi. This video features the quintet performing the work at the 2009 Dancing on the Edge festival in BC. According to The 605 Collective’s website this hour-long work is an expression our, “increasingly electronic social culture”. Blending contemporary movement and hip hop with industrial sounds and club beats, “five rambunctious performers jump, dive and collide to create a rough-and-tumble dance, transforming today’ s hyper communication into a highly athletic contact sport.”Be sure to catch to catch the full-length version of Audible when The 605 Collective goes on a national tour in April and May 2011.
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