The 605 Collective: Audible

By Julye Huggins
"Audible" by The 605 Collective

Next week, The 605 Collective of Vancouver kicks off an eastern tour of Audible, an intensely energetic and athletic work that combines urban and contemporary dance. Stops include Sherbrooke (April 12), Québec City (April 14-16), Montréal (April 19-23), Fredericton (April 27), St. John’s (April 29-30) and Halifax (May 5-7).The dance is inspired by electronic social culture and the abrupt, sometimes jarring, changes in connection and communication. The inspiration for the work is further described on the company’s website: “Building on such ideas as data-addiction, life-casting, ‘friend-ing’ and online voyeurism, the dancers escape the vulnerability of face-to-face interactions, then carelessly hurl themselves through space, spinning out of both reality and control.” Performers include Lisa Gelley, Sasha Kozak, Shay Kuebler, Josh Martin and Maiko Miyauchi.
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