Celebrating twenty years of working in Vancouver, choreographer Judith Garay places twenty dancers in twenty intersections throughout the coastal city to interact with urban architecture, nature and passersby. “20.20.20 is inspired by Vancouver and its contrasts, contradictions and complexities. Audiences will experience a plethora of images embodied by the dancers,” says Garay, after a two-year period of research. With music by Stefan Smulovitz, lighting by John Carter and costumes by Margaret Jenkins, 20.20.20 is a new kind of Vancouver tour. Dancers in this premiere include Robert Azevedo, Caitlin Brown, Desirée Dunbar, Thoenn Glover, Vanessa Goodman, Heather Laura Gray, Eloi Homier, Meredith Kalaman, Michael Kong, Felicia Lau, Michelle Lui, Darcy McMurray, Erica Mitsuhashi , Jane Osborne, Bevin Poole, Olivia Shaffer and Antonio Somera. Presented by Dancers Dancing and SFU Woodward’s, 20.20.20 runs September 24-27 at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. 



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