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Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Contact: This is an Experiment

By Emma Cullen

Thanks to western media and reality TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Dance Moms, there is a false impression around dance culture nowadays.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

The Hidden Value of a Dance Education

By Elizabeth Graves

Your dance training vanishes after your last performance; it is a means to a finite product. However, the challenge of creating great dance teaches invaluable skills that can support any endeavour.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

The Next Step

By Emily Holmes

You have the desire and passion. Now what? For aspiring young dancers, choosing the right university or college performing arts program can be an intimidating task.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Learning to Learn

By Mikaela Orford

The learning process that occurs when beginning to study something new can be categorized into what I think of as an arc of five stages: initial response, awkwardness, mimicry, understanding and appreciation.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Unlocking My Creative Potential

By Charlotte Priest

It is week three of Blackbox and I’m aggressively rubbing mushed banana over my face and neck. If someone had told me three years ago this is what dance school looks like, I would have laughed in disbelief.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Hand in Hand: Emerging Artists Creating Together

By Joshua Murphy

As emerging artists, we need to take into account the sheer number of us who are finding our way out into the professional arts world. We’re all trying to find our niche and make our mark, so we may as well do it together.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Perspectives and Possibilities in Dance at University

By Isabelle Gagnon

Dance can be a hobby, a passion, an entertainment or an awkward way to start a wedding but to study it at a university level is a whole new approach.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Auditions, Exams and Careers, Oh My!

By Katie Prowse

If you could give your students one piece of advice as they enter their careers in dance, what would it be?

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Accessible Dance: Inclusive Movement on the Rise in the Nation’s Capital

By Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson

We are incredibly fortunate to have access and bear witness to burgeoning inclusive dance programs and practices in this country and here in the Capital.

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Decisions, Decisions!

By Brianna Rennie

Every grade twelve student faces one simple question, ‘What next?’

Student Reporter Project 2015/16

Nostos - a fresh perspective on the past

By Charlotte Priest

The theme of Simon Fraser University’s November contemporary dance repertory production, Nostos, is nostalgia. However, these dancers clearly have their eyes on the future.