Zouk Alors! A Look at the Popular Brazilian Social Dance

By Naushad Ali Husein

In early August, Toronto played host to the Zouk Exchange, welcoming dance participants and aspirants from all over the world. The Exchange featured social dance events, historical seminars on the form and a competition, but internal pressures within the community have led the organizers to announce the end of the formal event. We stop to ask: what is zouk and where did it come from?

International Zouk Flashmob

On September 21st the thrid annual International Zouk Flash Mob took place featuring choreography by Henri Velandia from New York.

Mazouka Social: Zouk Me Tuesdays

Coming up this Sunday in Toronto, Mazouka Dance is offering an intensive, fast-paced, two-hour workshop in Zouk. Designed for intermediate/advanced dance…

Mazouka Dance: Gravity

This past weekend in Toronto, Mazouka Dance presented two performances of their new Brazilian zouk routine entitled Gravity, first at Acrobat Lou...