Yvonne Ng

Photo Courtesy of Presenter
Robert Desrosiers, Tedd Robinson, Yvonne Ng, Robert Glumbek, Jasmyn Fyffe

3,2,1 Dance!

Performance | Spectacle

Markham ON
February 7 février 2018
Wed @ 8:00 | Mercredi @ 20:00

Helen Simard's No Fun / Photo by Frederic Chais

Dancing on the Edge 2017

Festival | Festival

Vancouver BC
July 6-15 juillet 2017
Contemporary, Various

Documentary Dance Film Series Dance for Life

The new documentary dance film series Dance for Life features a range of contemporary dancers in Toronto who have being either a newcomer or first generation Canadian in common. The series shares their sacrifice, struggle and success.

Frequency: World Premiere by Yvonne Ng

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REAson d'etre: Unraveling the Tight Weave

Coming up June 23rd through 26th in Toronto, REAson d’etre productions presents VIVID4 with two new works by Kathleen Rea: The Wild In Us and

tiger princess dance projects: mixed repertoire

Tonight through Saturday tiger princess dance projects presents an evening of mixed repertoire at Toronto’s Enwave Theatre. In this video Artistic Dir…