Peggy Baker Dance Projects

Rock Bottom Movement in MANICPIXIEDREAMGIRLS / Photo by E.S. Cheah
Dance Ontario, Harbourfront Centre

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend’17

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
January 20-22 janvier 2017

Peggy Baker Dance Projects

Dance Educators' Seminar

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
August 4-6 août 2015
Tuesday through Thursday


Meredith Potter receives Leonard McHardy and John Harvey Award

The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) has presented Meredith Potter with this year’s Leonard McHardy and John Harvey Award for Outstanding Leadership in Administration.

Peggy Baker Dance Projects

Running February 27th through March 3rd in Toronto, Peggy Baker Dance Projects presents Stereophonic, a mixed program featuring three world premi…

Peggy Baker: In Conversation with The Dance Current

The Dance Current Special InterviewThis month The Dance Current is featuring online essay excerpts from The Choreographer’s Trust by Peggy Bake…

Peggy Baker Dance Projects: Piano/Quartet

Coming up in Toronto, Peggy Baker Dance Projects presents the sound and feel of it, January 20th through 29th. The show features performers Peggy…