Kathleen: The Dancing Crossing Guard

Toronto’s Dundas and Dufferin area just wouldn’t be the same without Kathleen, the dancing crossing guard. Stationed near The Grove Community School an…

Thrill the World: Canada Represent

This past Saturday, Thrill the World assembled nearly 10, 000 people around the globe to simultaneously dance a routine based on Michael Jackson’s 1983 …

Ashkenaz Festival: Steve Weintraub and Avia Moore

Today wraps up the final day of the Ashkenaz Festival, North America’s premier celebration of Yiddish and Jewish culture at Toronto’s Harbourfront Cent…

Phil Villeneuve: Dancing in the Grocery Store

Ah, the grocery store, so full of potential.

Dance on Broadway: Nintendo Wii

Another new dance game is on the shelves by Ubisoft, the makers of Just Dance.

Saturday Night Fever: Roaming Dance Party

Speaking of the G20 in Toronto, it looks like dance will be rousing rebellious spirits.

Xbox 360: Kinect

The Xbox 360 is stepping up to the plate with great new gaming technology for dance games.

DanceDanceRevolution Music and Motion Video Contest

Konami Digital Entertainment announces the first DanceDanceRevolution music and motion video contest. Participants can submit a 3…

Projet In Situ: Tu vois ce que je veux dire?

This week during the Festival TransAmériques in Montréal, Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon of Projet In Situ (France) present Tu vois ce que je veux dire? (Do you see what I mean?).

New Wii Game: Dance Sensation!

This April, Majesco Entertainment is releasing Dance Sensation!, a new Nintendo Wii game.

Just Dance

It’s been almost two months since the release of Just Dance, the music video game for the Nintendo Wii.


The South Korean boy band 2PM has been building their following since 2008, and now have flash mobs popping up all over the place in re-creations of their music videos.

Collective Joy

Albeit an American rally doing The Wave, check out the collective joy in anticipation of President Obama’s September speech about Health Care reform.

Anonymous: Party Hard

Here’s to a protest group that channels their activism through “partying hard.

Thrill the World

Numbers and videos are still pouring in, but so far it looks like approximatley 23,000 zombies from around the world simultaneously danced Michael Jackson’s Thriller this weekend in the record breaking attempt Thrill the World.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is still booming, with a slew of clones and tournaments all around the globe.

Hip hip @ Nuit Blanche

Torontonians are finally recovered from Saturday’s Nuit Blanche where the downtown core of the city erupted into a wild variety of art installations.

Participatory Performance

Looking On From Inside By Cara Spooner

Editor’s Note: From February 4th through 7th, 2009, Bluemouth Inc. presented their participatory dance experience Dance Marathon at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto. The concept of participatory or interactive art has been rising in dance performance of late. Toronto-based dancer Cara Spooner was an “insider” participant in the Bluemouth event and here recounts her experience.

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