Oscar Nieto

Rosanna Terracciano's a quiet flamenco / Photo courtesy of the presenter
Rosanna Terracciano

a quiet flamenco

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
February 1-2 mars 2019
Flamenco, Dancefilm

Carmen Romero with Alejandro Céspedes in her work Jacinto / Photo by Vanessa Guillen

Delving into Familial Pasts

Jacinto by Carmen Romero By Kathleen Smith Jacinto Carmen Romero, produced by Compañia Carmen Romero

Flamenco artist Carmen Romero captures the memory and mystery surrounding her father’s sudden death in Jacinto. Dripping with sadness while exploring movement that is capable of vast expression and infinite consolation, Jacinto situates Romero as part of an experimental new wave that is sweeping flamenco internationally.