Naishi Wang

Naishi Wang, Yuichiro Inoue and Pulga Muchochoma / Photo by John Lauener

Dusk Dances

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
August 4-11 août 2019
Aug. 4-11 @ 7:00 | 19:00

Alana Elmer, Anna Finkel, Luke Garwood, Lukas Malkowski, Sahara Morimoto, Brian Solomon and Naishi Wang in Heidi Strauss' LOT X / Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh
adelheid dance projects


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
May 29-2 juin 2019
8:00 | 20:00

Rock Bottom Movement performing at Fall For Dance North's Open Studio at Union Station / Photo by Francesca Chudnoff

Open Studio at Union Station

Open Rehearsal | Répétition publique

Toronto ON
June 11-12 juin 2018

On the Ground

Aiming for Abstraction

By Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles

Paul-André Fortier’s latest work Trois closed the autumn season of Agora de la danse (November 22 through 25) and was also performed at the Germain Hotel Montréal’s Fou d’ici supermarket and a cafeteria in Google Montréal. Fortier and performers Mark Medrano and Naishi Wang spoke with The Dance Current about their experience of taking dance hors les murs, outside of the theatre context.

adelheid dance projects, Heidi Strauss

what it's like

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
September 21-2 octobre 2016
Weds. - Sat. @ 8:00 | 20:00


TDT Tour de Force

By Ben Portis Eleven Accords

With Eleven Accords, Christopher House seeks a new potential for relational art, trusting in the latent artistic and social ecology of his disciplined company to imbue meaning.

Everyday Anthems

The March/April 2013 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item featuring Heidi Strauss.”It seems late to call Heidi Strauss a prodigy…

Alban Richard: Working with Toronto Dance Theatre

Coming up in Toronto May 19th through 22nd, Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) presents the Paris/Toronto Project, featuring world premieres by French choreogr…

Deborah Hay: Up Until Now

Running October 20th through 23rd, Toronto Dance Theatre presents Deborah Hay’s Up Until Now. This video offers insights from the American chore…