Louis Laberge-Côté

Michael Caldwell's Factory / Image courtesy of the presenter
Michael Caldwell


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
September 20-23 septembre 2017
8:00 | 20:00


Carrying a Collective Burden

Michael Greyeyes and Yvette Nolan’s Bearing By Emma Doran

Bearing is a dance opera co-created by Yvette Nolan, Michael Greyeyes and a cast of dancers, actors, singers and musicians, that will become a vital piece of Canadian theatre. Working with the idea that every Canadian has been in some way impacted by the disgraceful legacy of residential schools, the work is meant to encourage a collective carrying of the burden of this ugly and still present history. Bearing is a high concept work that offers a new model for catharsis via theatrical embodiment.

Image provided by presenter
George Brown Dance

Unleashed 2017

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 12-13 avril 2017
12, 13 @ 8:00 | 20:00

Ryerson School of Performance

Ryerson Dances 2016

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 15-19 novembre 2016

Nova Dance


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
February 10-13 février 2016

Anandam Dancetheatre


Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
December 18-19 décembre 2015
7:30 | 19:30

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