Linnea Swan

Drew Berry, Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Samantha Grist and Natasha Poon Woo in Alyssa Martin's fantasylover / Photo courtesy of the presenter

SummerWorks Performance Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
August 9-19 août 2018
Contemporary, Various

Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava in their own work Mouthpiece / Photo by Brooke Wedlock

Memorable Moments, Methods and Mediums

Celebrating Canadian Dance in 2016 By Emma Kerson

Is there a work or a collection of Canadian dance works that stand out as highlights to you from 2016? Are there any themes or ways of working that stand out to you as interesting or unique? We asked this question to dancers and dance enthusiasts from around the country and this was their reply.


The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

35th Annual Alberta Dance Festival By Marie France Forcier The 35th Annual Alberta Dance Festival | The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

Strong Albertan ties was the common denominator for the ten choreographers selected by Dancers’ Studio West to present work as part of the Annual Alberta Dance Festival. Bold moments in time was the broad thematic glue binding their works into a couple of distinct programs.


The 35th Annual Alberta Dance Festival | The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

Festival | Festival

Calgary AB
September 8-17 septembre 2016
Thurs., Fri. & Sat. @ 7:30 | 19:30


A Mix of Light and Shadows

Dusk Dances 2015 By Mark Mann Dusk Dances

Dance rarely draws big crowds, and when it does, people don’t usually sprint and scramble for front-row seats. But such was the case at the opening of the twenty-first annual Dusk Dances, where 600 people – and many fine dogs – rushed back and forth across Withrow Park in Toronto’s east end to catch the best possible view of all five performances in this year’s program.

Sore For Punching You: Final Savage Land

Running January 23rd to February 2nd in Toronto, Sore for Punching You presents the premiere of Final Savage Land, choreographed by Allison Cummi…

Susie Burpee and Linnea Swan: Road Trip

The May 2011 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item about Susie Burpee.”’[In Road Trip (je ne regrette rien) Linnea and I] …