Kristy Kennedy


Bodily Reflections

Sasha Ivanochko’s new works By Robert Kingsbury

Choreographer Sasha Ivanochko premiered two works – Modern Woman in Search of Soul and Mirror Staging the Seeing Place – presented as part of Citadel + Compagnie’s Bright Nights series. Both have been in development for four years, culminating in an evening of highly focused, personal and rigorous performance.


A Cosmic Kind of Minimalism

Dreamwalker Dance Company’s Dual Light and a call to criticality By Molly Johnson

When introducing her new work, Andrea Nann is direct and affecting and serves to recast the stage as an “outer space” – a place between celestial bodies and also human ones. The work is part of DanceWorks 40th anniversary season.

Toronto Dance Theatre: Vena Cava

Coming up November 6th through 10th in Toronto, the production Rare Mix by Toronto Dance Theatre will feature works by company founder Patricia …

Combat: The Art of War

Also featured at the Summerworks Festival in Toronto (August 4th through 14th) is Combat, directed and choreographed by Claire Calnan and Alliso…