Helen Simard


An Electric Bolt of Messy

Helen Simard’s Requiem Pop By Philip Szporer

Helen Simard explores the life and work of music icon Iggy Pop in her newest creation called Requiem Pop, which tackles the notions of hero worship, fandom and the cultural icons we don’t know but love. The work unleashes an electric bolt of messy, self-destructive Iggy chaos onto the stage.

REQUIEM POP / Helen Simard. Photograph by Mathieu Desjardins
Helen Simard


Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
April 10-13 avril 2019
7:00 | 19:00

Helen Simard's No Fun / Photo by Frederic Chais

Dancing on the Edge 2017

Festival | Festival

Vancouver BC
July 6-15 juillet 2017
Contemporary, Various


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