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On the Ground

Cruise Ship Dancing with Edmonton’s Sierra Lacombe

Three months ago I was hired as a production cast dancer for Royal Caribbean Productions aboard the Quantum of the Seas, the second largest ship in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines fleet. It’s my dream job.

Sharing Dance Day 2016

Dancers from across the country have been hard at work learning this year’s Sharing Dance Day routine, and they’re just about ready to share the choreography with the masses.

Freshify and Washdolly

Keep Your Feet and Face On Fleek with Freshify and Washdolly

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Win a gift pack to help take care of your feet and your face without harsh chemicals.


Lucilla Munaretto Returns to the Stage

By Brittany Duggan

Coastal City Ballet dancer Lucila Munaretto, the twenty-one-year-old who was in a near-fatal rollerblading accident last summer, makes a comeback with a character role in new Swan Lake.

Luca Patuelli (Lazylegz)

International Dance Day Celebration

Screening | Visionnement

Saskatoon SK
April 29 avril 2016

On the Ground

Big Aspirations in Small(ish) Places

By Grace Wells-Smith

Heather Thomson answers questions about her journey to Ballet Kelowna and her first season with the company.


The Invisible Injury

Two dancers discuss concussions in dance and the recognition, treatment, prevention and significance of this often misunderstood brain injury By Justine Comfort

Two dancers discuss the implications of concussions and the recognition, treatment, prevention and significance of this often misunderstood brain injury.

Dancer's Kitchen

Laura’s Banana Nut Chia Pudding

By Laura Matthews

A quick and surprisingly filling breakfast or a simple snack to boost your energy with the superfood chia seeds!

Dancer's Kitchen

Shana's Kale and Quinoa Veggie Bowl

By Shana Troy

This dish is delicious, filling and easy to throw together on a fall evening. The quinoa and hummus are high in protein to help tired muscles repair, while the kale’s high vitamin K content is good for healthy bones.

Healthy Dancer

Workshop Tips

We asked our Facebook followers what special tricks and tips they have for surviving summer intensives. This is what the seasoned pros recommend.


Yoga for Dancers

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Healthy Dancer

Spring Vegetables And Why You Need Them

By Sarah Maughan

As the weather gets warmer, you naturally crave fresh produce and cooling foods with more water content. There are a few constants amongst veggies that are local in May and June – many of them are green in colour and rich in vitamin K and there are also a few that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So why are vitamin K, folate and omega-3 fatty acids important for dancers?

Core Chair In Action

Personal trainer Lisa Forsyth demonstrates exercises for the Core Chair – an alternative to exercise balls as office chairs.



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Martha Carter

Dancing Your Spine with Martha Carter

Workshop | Classe

Vancouver BC
January 28-30 janvier 2015
28 & 30 @ 10:00 | 10:00
Contemporary, Yoga

Healthy Dancer

How to Beat the Cold

By Sarah Maughan

Feel a cold coming on? It’s the season for runny noses, colds and flus, which can affect performance and training. The next time you feel the signs of a cold coming your way, fight back with these handy tips.

Writers & Readers


By Jillian Vanstone

When little girls and boys dream about a life as a dancer they think about the costumes and the lights, the thrill and the applause, the joy of movement, the storytelling, the fantasy. What children don’t imagine are the pressures of a career on stage.

Healthy Dancer

Crazy Granola

By Sarah Maughan

As we head into the cooler autumn months, you’re probably growing sick of breakfast smoothies and craving comfort food. Instead of grabbing bagels and muffins, I recommend satisfying some of these cravings through nutrient-rich and protein-packed granola.

Healthy Dancer

Refreshing Avocado Lime Vinaigrette

By Sarah Maughan

A 2008 study revealed that consumption of avocado oil over a six-month period significantly reduced the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.


Ra Energy

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