Greta Hodgkinson

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Everything That Rises Must Converge

By Marie Trotter

Leap day reliably recurs once every four years, but the National Ballet’s mixed program Angels’ Atlas with Chroma & Marguerite and Armand was an even rarer temporal event in our journey around the sun. The February 29 opening of this eccentric program was an evening of stylistic whiplash never to be seen again.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

When Stars Collide

By Joshua Chong

A homecoming, a tantalizing taster and a farewell celebration highlighted The National Ballet of Canada’s triple bill, which opened at the Four Seasons Centre on February 29.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

A Flash Into the Rabbit Hole

By Brannavy Jeyasundaram

In Chistopher Wheeldon’s version of Carroll’s classic tale, Alice is mature and compelled by love, offering intention to her journey.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Endless Imagination

By Dylan Schoenmakers

The most notable thing about The National Ballet of Canada’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the number of things worth noting.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Beautiful Choices in Ratmansky and Côté

By Naya Valdellon

When the curtain lifts on The National Ballet of Canada’s Ratmansky & Côté, the theatre lights remain on.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

It’s a Mad and Wonderful World: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By Naya Valdellon

Carroll’s madcap logic and playfulness survives – and thrives! – in The National Ballet of Canada’s delightful Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which had its Toronto premiere in 2011.

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