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Participants at Don’t Forget the Money! forum presented by Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery / Photo by Jayne Wilkinson

Don't Forget the Money!

Don’t Forget the Money! is the first in a new series of forums presented by Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery called Working with Concepts. The public discussion was aimed at navigating the unique labour processes in the interaction of artistic discipline of dance and various contemporary art contexts.


Co.ERASGA's 2016 Annual Fundraising Event

Fundraiser | Levée de fonds

Vancouver BC
September 17 septembre 2016
9:30 | 21:30


Arts Organizations Tentatively Optimistic in Wake of 2015 Federal Budget

Most every government decision involving taxpayer money is met with frustration, doubt and debate. The 2015 federal budget is no different. Announced on April 21, 2015 by Finance Minister Joe Oliver, the pre-election budget failed to address certain aspects of life in Canada. The arts was one of them.

Genée International Ballet Competition

Hosted in London this September, 2015, the RAD announces new bursaries for the Genée International Ballet Competition


Co. ERASGA's Annual General Meeting

Meeting | Rencontre

Vancouver BC
April 28 avril 2015
6:00 | 18:00
Contemporary, Interdisciplinary

Mirna Zagar

Tips for Touring Your Work

Talk | Conférence

Vancouver BC
March 25 mars 2015
4:00-5:00 | 16:00-17:00


Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part I: Context By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. Here, Trent speaks about that model, but also about the context from which it was born and the personal effects it has had. This is a three-part series.


Espace Danse Québec – a new home for dance in Montréal

On May 22nd Agora de la Danse, a fixture in the Montréal dance community, announced its involvement in a twenty-five-million-dollar project, the Espace Danse Québec.

Toronto's arts and culture scene to get $6 million boost

Toronto’s City Council has voted unanimously in favour of increasing funding for the arts by $6 million.

BC Arts Council receives record-high budget

The BC government surprised the arts community last month when it announced a $24 million budget for the British Columbia Arts Council (BCAC) in 2013/14, a record high.

Round dances used in Idle No More

The ongoing Idle No More (INM) protest movement has brought flash mob round dances to streets, shopping malls and public spaces ac...

Canadian Dance Assembly: The Ripple Effect

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) recently released its video The Ripple Effect, highlighting the impact of dance and the arts on both its milieu as we…


Arts patron Walter Carsen dies at 100

Described by The National Ballet of Canada as its \greatest patron\, businessman and philanthropist Walter Carsen died on October ...

SWAP IT! event aims to satisfy community's needs

On September 25th, the first SWAP IT!, an arts resource-sharing event hosted by The Alliance of Independent Mid-Career Dance Creat...

NAC Foundation announces CEO's National Fund

The National Arts Centre Foundation recently announced the creation of the CEO’s National Fund, which will support national perfor…

Canadian government invests in Yukon

The Government of Canada announced that it will be investing in arts, culture and official languages in the Yukon territory. The a...


Trillium Foundation awards funding to micro-finance for artists research project

The Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists-Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON), has been awarded a $27,800 grant from the Ontario Trillium Found...

Margie Gillis object of on-air bullying

Montréal-based dance icon Margie Gillis was the object of on-air bullying when she appeared as a guest on SunTV's "Canada Live" on...


New award for emerging dance artists in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust (NSTT) recently announced the creation of a new $1100 award. The award is for existing scholarship re…

Canada Council appointments

The Canada Council for the Arts has made two appointments that will be important to the dance community. Anne Valois, former head …

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