Jenn E. Norton's Slipstream / Photo courtesy of the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
Jenn E. Norton


Exhibit | Exposition

Kitchener-Waterloo ON
June 26-22 septembre 2019
Contemporary, Multidisciplinary

Boye / Photo by Alyson Hardwick

What Can You Do?

By Seika Boye

Seika Boye talks about the untold histories of BIPOC dancers in Canada.

Artists involved in Evann Siebens' Radial Change / Photo by Evann Siebens
Evann Siebens, James Gnam, Vanessa Goodman

Beginning with the Seventies: Radial Change

Exhibit | Exposition

Vancouver BC
June 22-12 août 2018


Thunderstruck: Physical Landscapes

An exhibit curated by Jenn Goodwin exploring the landscape of dance

Brandy Leary in her work Melting, Mourning, and a Series of Impossible Tasks / Photo courtesy of Canada Council for the Arts
Jenn Goodwin

Thunderstruck: Physical Landscapes

Exhibit | Exposition

Ottawa ON
June 20, 2018-27 janvier 2019
Contemporary, Dancefilm

Leonard Gibson, c. 1950 / Photo courtesy of Dance Collection Danse
Dance Collection Danse, Seika Boye

It's About Time: Dancing Black In Canada

Exhibit | Exposition

Toronto ON
January 31-22 juin 2018

Dance Collection Danse

By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation

Exhibit | Exposition

Ottawa ON
June 19-23 juillet 2017

Phases of Dance: An Animated Short

Four months of production, with over 2100 individual drawings, culminates in three minutes of bachata technique expressed in animation. Phases of Dance by illustrator, animator, bachata dancer and instructor Iveta Karpathyova explores the movement potential of rotoscoping in documenting embodied knowledge.


Maud Allan and The Vision of Salomé

In 1996, Canada’s dance archive and museum, Dance Collection Danse, received a gem of a donation – the famous (and risqué for the time) Salomé costume worn by one of modern dance’s founding figures, Maud Allan.

Maud Allan

Maud Allan: An Edwardian Sensation

Exhibit | Exposition

Toronto ON
November 10, 2016-14 avril 2017

Alberta Ballet

Alberta Ballet & the Documentation of Performance

Exhibit | Exposition

Edmonton AB
September 7-17 décembre 2016

Iro Valaskakis-Tembeck

Danser à Montréal: A Tribute to Iro Valaskakis-Tembeck

Exhibit | Exposition

Montréal  QC
April 8-11 septembre 2016


Drawn to Dance

Exhibit | Exposition

Toronto ON
December 9, 2015-24 mars 2016
Mon. - Fri. 10:00-4:00 | Lundi - vendredi 10:00-16:00


10th Annual Great Canadian Girlesque Burlesque Expo

Exhibit | Exposition

Toronto ON
January 23-25 janvier 2016
Various days and times | Spectacles à différentes dates et heures

Brian Webb Dance Company, Van Grimde Corps Secrets

The Body in Question(s) 2 / Le corps en question(s) 2

Exhibit | Exposition

Edmonton AB
June 18-22 août 2015
6:00 | 18:00


Dance Takes Over the Musée de la civilisation in Québec City

Rebel Bodies exhibit opens at the Musée de la civilisation in Québec City.

New Dance Horizons

Gathering Vill: An Open Exchange

Exhibit | Exposition

Regina SK
November 30 novembre 2014


Dancemakers at Forty: Celebrating Exploration, Innovation and Inspiration

Exhibit | Exposition

Toronto ON
October 24-19 décembre 2014


François Barbeau: The Dior of Costume Designers

By Samantha Mateus

Renowned for his work with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Cirque du Soleil, veteran costume designer François Barbeau launches an exhibition to showcase his lifelong work at the Centre de l’exposition de l’Université de Montréal, May 25-December 7.


Reinventing the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault

The Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault announced its upcoming transformation into the Institut de la danse and the reshaping of its mission.

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