Evelyn Hart


Stepping into the Twilight of the Sacred

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet presents Vespers at the National Arts Centre By Sheenagh Pietrobruno

James Kudelka transforms the religious evocation of this 1610 choral masterpiece into a contemporary spiritual testament to the union between animals, humans and nature.

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre, Ric Brown, Lesandra Dodson, Darryl Tracy, Daniel Firth, Jane Mappin, Heidi Latsky, Sashar Zarif, Peter Chin, Evelyn Hart

Older & Reckless #40

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 10-11 novembre 2017
Fri-Sat @ 8:00 | Vendredi-Samedi @ 20:00

Evelyn Hart

Evelyn Hart Summer Intensive

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
July 6-1 août 2015
Mon-Fri: 10 - 6 pm Sat: 10 - 1 pm
Ballet, Contemporary

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Coming up April 4th through 6th, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) kicks off an Ontario tour of Sleeping Beauty by touching down at the National A…


The Ballerina of the Future

Changes Afoot By Deirdre Kelly

Ballerinas today are healthier than they used to be, as a result of a growing awareness of what the body needs to function at optimum levels of athletic performance.