Esther Rousseau-Morin

Image courtesy of the presenter
Dana Gingras

Free Fall

Screening | Visionnement

Montréal QC
April 2-27 avril 2019
Contemporary, Dancefilm


Rock Dance Returns

The Holy Body Tattoo and Godspeed You! Black Emperor at PuSh By Brittany Duggan monumental

monumental by The Holy Body Tattoo was a major highlight at this year’s PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. It grapples with contemporary themes such as the anxiety of urban life – modern society’s persisting anxiety – and an increasing interaction and dependence with technology. And though not narrative, the social and political threads root the work, making it relevant and relatable.

Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Matière blanche

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
October 6-8 octobre 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Sprawl II

Sprawl II by Arcade Fire with choreography by Dana Gingras.

Le Fils D'Adrien Danse: Fluide

Coming to La Rotonde in Québec, Le Fils D’Adrien Danse presents Fluide by artistic director and choreographer Harold Rhéaume, December 11th throu…

Alan Lake Factori(e) Land: Là-bas,le lointain

- contains nudity -La Rotonde in Québec presents Là-bas, le lointain by Alan Lake Factori(e) Land, a work that explores dance ch…

Création Caféine: S'envoler

Montréal choreographer Estelle Clareton opened her work S’envoler at Agora de la Danse yesterday and will continue its run through September 25…