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Esie Mensah

Drew Berry, Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Samantha Grist and Natasha Poon Woo in Alyssa Martin's fantasylover / Photo courtesy of the presenter

SummerWorks Performance Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
August 9-19 août 2018
Contemporary, Various


Rhubarb Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
February 14-25 février 2018
Contemporary, Performance Art, Multidisciplinary

On the Ground

Movement in Time

By Nicole Hamilton

How is Canada representing artists of the African diaspora? Special guest and Turn Out Radio host Nicole Hamilton interviews Vivine Scarlett and Kevin Ormsby about this issue and the performances in Movement in Time, which took place on October 14 at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

dance Immersion

Movement in Time

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
October 14 octobre 2017
8:00 | 20:00
African, Jazz, Contemporary


Footsteps Across Canada

A Journey Across Canada's African Diaspora By Colleen Snell Footsteps Across Canada

While the choreographic work varied drastically from one piece to the next, universal themes of loss, tradition, internal struggle, displacement and the challenges posed by communication wove the dances together.

H2O Toronto Edition

Competition | Compétition

Toronto ON
November 23 novembre 2014
5:30 | 17:30
Urban, Contemporary, Various

Gimme One Riddim

Following Jamaica’s recent fiftieth anniversary of independence from Britain, Gimme One Riddim by choreographers Jasmyn Fyffe and Natasha Powell…

Catalyst: The 5th Element

Running during the Toronto Fringe Festival, The 5th Element is presented by Catalyst, July 6th through 16th. This interview with directors Janet …