Emmanuel Proulx

Daniel Léveillé Danse, Daniel Léveillé

Solitudes Solo

Performance | Spectacle

Québec City QC
March 30-31 mars 2016
20:00 | 8:00

Daniel Léveillé Danse

Solitudes Solo

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
November 17 novembre 2014
19:30 | 7:30


The Subtlety of Solitude in Solitudes Solo

By George Stamos Solitudes Solo Festival TransAmériques 2014

It’s been said that placing classical music in a performance will bring it instant cultural value. It’s a device often used in dance and performance milieus. However, in contemporary dance it can be a problematic choice, as the work will undoubtedly inherit the cultural context of the classical reference and challenge the contemporaneity of the dance.

Daniel Léveillé Danse: Solitudes Solo

Coming up September 26th through 29th at Agora de la danse in Montréal, Daniel Léveillé Danse presents Solitudes Solo, a series of minimalist sol…