Elissa Hanson


That Sweet Spot Between Gallery and Stage

Alexa Mardon and Erika Mitsuhashi’s Tender Engine By Rachel Silver Maddock

Across four evenings this June, VIVO presented Tender Engine, a performance-installation piece co-choreographed by Alexa Mardon and Erika Mitsuhashi. The artists have been in research for over a year through residencies in Vancouver and Halifax, during which they investigated four areas: technology, language, storytelling and “performative expertise.”

Photo courtesy of EDAM
Peter Bingham, Arash Khakpour, Lesley Telford

Fall Choreographic Series

Performance | Spectacle

November 7-17 novembre 2018
8:00 | 20:00
Contemporary, Improvisation

Artists involved in Evann Siebens' Radial Change / Photo by Evann Siebens
Evann Siebens, James Gnam, Vanessa Goodman

Beginning with the Seventies: Radial Change

Exhibit | Exposition

Vancouver BC
June 22-12 août 2018


Major Motion Picture

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre By Robin J. Miller

It’s hard not to expect a lot from Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre. Their last piece, Me So You So Me, knocked the socks off critics and audiences alike across the country. Major Motion Picture does not feel as integrated or complete, but it has enough moments of breathtaking originality to make it a must-see.