Performing arts medicine conference in Toronto

The Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) and the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music presented "Performan...

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Learning Dance from Online Sources | Apprendre la danse dans Internet

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

It's not surprising that many young dancers are now using the internet to learn about dance. | Il n'est pas surprenant que nombre de jeunes danseuses s'en servent pour apprendre sur la danse.

Laya Bhava Dance Academy: Asamyutha Hastas

The March 2011 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item about Indian classical dance moves, specifically the hastas (or mudras). Ther…


Shine Gala: A shining success

The Shine Fundraising Gala held by Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) on February 5th, sought to shine the spotlight on NBS.


Glenn Gilmour (1938-2011)

Long-time National Ballet School (NBS) teacher Glenn Gilmour died on February 5th, 2011 in Toronto at the age of 72. A native of W…

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Interpreting Exam & Competition Results | Les résultats d'examen et de compétition : comment les recevoir ?

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

March is a good time to start thinking about exams and competitions. | Mars est un bon moment pour préparer les examens et les compétitions.

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The Benefits of Private Coaching | Les bienfaits de la leçon privée

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

One-on-one coaching offers tremendous benefits to both you and your students no matter when it occurs. | La leçon privée offre de nombreux bienfaits et à vous et à vos élèves, peu importe le moment de l'année.


Lois Smith (1929-2011)

Lois Smith, The National Ballet of Canada’s (NBoC) first prima ballerina, died at her home in Sechelt, BC, on January 22nd after a…


Lucy Potts (1921-2010)

A cornerstone of Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), teacher Lucy Potts died on December 21st. Speaking four languages fluently…

ArtsSmarts funding awarded

In September 2010, The Dance Current took a look at dance in Canadian public schools. Newfoundland and Labrador, whic...

Patricia Fraser honoured with inaugural arts award

On November 18th, Patricia Fraser was named the recipient of the Robert Johnston Award for exemplary human resources practices in …

Our House: Preschoolers' Music Video

This recent “music video” made its way to YouTube recently starring the bright young talent at the Orchard House in Montréal, a Montessori-based centre…


New dance instruction resources from Human Kinetics

Teaching dance just got easier with two new releases from Human Kinetics, international publishers of...

New facility and scholarship for Dance Victoria

Dance Victoria recently announced the creation of The Chrystal Dance Award, a new scholarship worth $11,500 aimed at helping emerg…

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Teaching Preparation and Research | Enseignement : recherche et préparation

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

It can be a challenge to schedule time to review your lesson plan let alone assess and develop your approach to a class. | Il peut être un défi de planifier du temps pour réviser votre plan de cours, et encore d'évaluer et de développer votre approche pédagogique.

Original TDT member dies

Keith Urban was known to Canadian audiences for his striking performances and Adonis-like features. Urban grew up in Chicago but c…

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Starting Pointe Work | Commencer le travail de pointes

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

The transition to dancing on pointe is an important one for a ballet dancer, and one that requires preparation and involvement from teachers, students and parents. | La transition vers le travail de pointes en est une importante pour la danseuse de ballet ; elle requiert une préparation ainsi que l'engagement du professeur, de l'élève et des parents.


TUDS: Toronto Urban Dance Symposium

Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho Portillo, directors of urban dance company Gadfly, presented the first “TUDS: Toronto Urb…

UPDATE: New university credit course for dancers

Ryerson University, in partnership with the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) and The National Ballet of Canada, is offerin...

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Post-Secondary Options for Older Students | Les options de formation postsecondaire

By Katharine Harris, Canada's National Ballet School

When your students reach high school graduation, choosing the next step in their dance career can be challenging. | S'orienter vers une carrière en danse pour l'élève qui termine ses études au secondaire peut poser un défi.