Canada's National Ballet School: The Creative Challenge

Mavis Staines of Canada’s National Ballet School invites students to create work outside of traditional venues in a Creative Challenge.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme


By Christina Strynatka

Kenneth MacMillan may have created Manon in 1974, but forty years later his themes resonate as strongly as ever.

Naomi Brand, Jane Osborne, Kara Nolte, Daisy Thompson

12 Minutes Max: Studio Showing

Performance | Spectacle

Vancouver BC
October 29 octobre 2014
6:00 | 18:00



O Vertigo By Philip Szporer Soif

Thirty years of existence in a dance company’s life is more than a notable marker; it’s an achievement to celebrate and a time to pause and reflect on how the company’s dances are resonating with younger generations. Ginette Laurin’s O Vertigo hit this milestone this year, and delivered the world premiere of Soif to an appreciative hometown crowd.


Cause and Affect

adelheid dance productions’ Elsewhere By Bridget Cauthery elsewhere

Elsewhere, Strauss explains in her program note, is a response to the notion of affect or affect theory. A concept that has been circulating in philosophical spheres since the seventeenth century, affect has become something of a catchphrase within social studies and visual culture in the last twenty-five years.


Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part II: The Incubation/Production House Model By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. In Part II of this writing series, Trent speaks about that model and the context from which it was born.

Anandam Dancetheatre

AIR Audience in Residence Program

Participatory | Participatif

October 8-12 décembre 2014


Ginette Laurin premieres new work, Soif, for O Vertigo’s thirtieth anniversary.

There's an app for that!

Passe-Partout is “a new app that explores dance for the digital tablet,” allowing users to mix and match choreography and watch their work on the screen.


A Difficult Dance: Radical Ballet and the Politics of Reception

By Marie France Forcier Red Light Green Light: radical ballet

Five guys. Playing games. What is going on in their minds?­ These production taglines for DNA Theatre’s newest radical ballet were the extent of the dramaturgical information available for the audience to process Red Light Green Light.

Indigenous Dance at The Banff Centre

The Banff Summer Arts Festival, which runs until August 23, features Bonemap, a new work interpreted by dancers in the 2014 Indigenous Dance Residency.

Joe Laughlin's New Creation

This teaser video takes a look into the process of one of choreographer Joe Laughlin’s newest creations in collaboration with fellow dance artists Kevin Tookey and Gioconda Barbuto.

Jillian Peever, Find the Floor Dance Collective

Perception: A Way of Seeing & What We Do

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
July 18-19 juillet 2014
18 @ 8:00 | 20:00, 19 @ 7:00 | 19:00 & 8:30 | 20:30


Sunya, choreographed in 2013 by Roger Sinha, is a piece based on the experimentation of four dancers, three musicians, a sound designer, a video artist and Sinha himself.


Room with Sticks

Tedd Robinson, Ame Henderson and Charles Quevillon By Philip Szporer Room with Sticks Festival TransAmériques 2014

The first thing that struck me about Room with Sticks was the space. The locale, Espace Libre, a former fire station and once home to famed Carbone 14, was transformed into an intimate, open and very white space. (The piece has also been presented in a curling arena.) The back wall was entirely covered over in white paper, while dried branches, sticks and blocks of wood were spread out over the floor. Neon lighting gave the space an artificial glow.

Dancing on the Chandelier

In the music video for Sia’s Chandelier, Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms portrays a younger version of Sia, moving with child-like energy to the quirky choreography masterminded by Sia and artist/choreogrpaher Ryan Heffington.


Creaturely Empathy: Intimacy, Sensation & Duration

Antonija Livingstone with Jennifer Lacey, Dominique Pétrin, Stephen Thompson By Lucy M. May Culture, Administration & Trembling Festival TransAmériques 2014

Through the backstage area, we tiptoe in our socks into L’Agora de la danse. It has become a de facto gallery space for the performance of Culture, Administration & Trembling. Europe-based, North American choreographers Antonija Livingstone and Jennifer Lacey, with Dominique Pétrin and Stephen Thompson, are at once its curators and its artists.


Snakeskins – A Fake Solo by Benoît Lachambre

Benoît Lachambre By Lucy M. May SNAKESKINS Festival TransAmériques 2014

It’s the morning after the closing of Snakeskins, a “fake solo” created by choreographer and dancer Benoît Lachambre, which played for two nights during Montréal’s Festival TransAmériques. Lachambre joined me at Place des Arts for a dialogue about the work and my impressions. When we meet, I take a moment to admire the intensity of his brilliant blue eyes, his long ash-coloured hair and uneven gait. In them, I recognize aspects of the same person who astonished me onstage with both physical endurance and humility. Lachambre is stooped but resilient; a shape-shifter.

On the Ground

Keeping Current Through Collaboration

By Sarah Douglas

Halifax is home to a wealth of seasoned and traditional creators, a leader in fostering dance artistry in Atlantic Canada. Enhanced by a wave of refreshingly curious and newfangled exploration, the dance community in Halifax attracts new audiences by establishing partnerships with media artists and working in interdisciplinary collaboration to embrace diversity in performance and process.

Paul-André Fortier and Robin Poitras in Misfit Blues

Misfit Blues premieres at Festival TransAmériques in Montréal, May 31-June 2.

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