In Mixed Company by Parts+Labour_Danse

Montréal’s Parts+Labour_Danse delivers a full-bodied contemporary dance experience that stems from the two directors’ varying sources of inspiration.


Living, Breathing, Sensing: 605 Collective

The Sensationalists By Andrea Rabinovitch The Sensationalists

Forget the fourth wall. In the world premiere of The Sensationalists, a collaboration between 605 Collective and Theatre Replacement, the first, second and third wall is also up for grabs. The seventy-five-minute piece explores the relationship between performer and audience, using dance, physical theatre and text while exploring every configuration that a proscenium stage with a lobby can provide.


Different Control Measures

By Mark Mann Le Jour Bleu & A Standard of Measure, Except Not Really

In two very different works presented together at Montréal’s Monument-National theatre, the dance presenter Tangente has created an intriguing dialogue on the problem and possibility of control, both in art and in life. The double bill featured Marilou Castonguay’s ten-minute solo Le Jour Bleu, which premiered in Québéc City in 2012, and the debut of Andrew Turner’s sixty-minute ensemble piece A Standard of Measure, Except Not Really.

Fortier Danse-Création


Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
May 25-4 juin 2015
22:45 | 10:45
Contemporary, Site-Specific

Empirical Quotient

Empirical Quotient is a predominantly abstract work that explores themes of self-perception and identity, and elaborates on the human instinct for gregariousness and group dynamics.


Robinson Repurposed

Tedd Robinson’s FACETS By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé FACETS

The piece is a creative retrospective in which the choreographer explores his recurrent themes of balance, material sculpture and movement, and risk-taking with humour and courage. As introspective solos, it was all the more interesting to see different performers interpret the personal nature of Rokudo, Rigmarole and Redd, nouveau genre.

Traces by Les 7 doigts de la main

Flips, spins and balancing acts are just the foundation of the multi-award winning performance Traces by Montréal’s Les 7 doigts de la main. It tells the story of refugees who use the power of creating to cope with the pain of destruction.

Rock Bottom Movement premieres new full-length program The Salt Show

In Epic Scenario, three dancers costumed in polyester jumpsuits and protective goggles move around the stage with visceral curiosity as if discovering the space for the first time, staying true to Rock Bottom Movement’s mission to break the boundaries between theatre and dance.


From Point A to B

Peggy Baker’s locus plot By Sky Fairchild-Waller locus plot

While (thankfully) not a physicalized ode to quests for empirical knowledge, locus plot excels as a poetic transposition of chemistry in its humanist and even larger-than-life form, and the beginning of the full-length work illustrates this perfectly.


Remote Sable Island brought to life by Mocean Dance

By Shannon Webb-Campbell Close Reach

Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from the world premiere of Sable Island, the first full-length production by Halifax’s Mocean Dance since 2010. Choreographed by Serge Bennathan, one of Canada’s most distinctive voices in dance, who immigrated from France in 1985, Sable Island is deeply emotional, untamable and an elemental dance performance. As the contemporary dance bill promised, Close Reach, an evening sail of dance, theatre and music featured Sable Island and Live from the Flash Pan.


How to Ride a Tornado

Review of Ravages By George Stamos Ravages

Over the past several years, Québéc City-based choreographer Alan Lake has gained attention locally and nationally for his extraordinary multidisciplinary creations. With his new hour-long quartet Ravages, a surrealistic investigation into bodies encountering natural disaster, Lake brings his work to Montréal’s Place des Arts for the first time and probably not the last.

Canada's National Ballet School

Spring Showcase 2015

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
May 20-23 mai 2015
May 20-23 @ 7:30 | 19:30
Ballet, Contemporary

Cirque du Soleil

After successful performances across North America, Cirque du Soleil makes its way to Calgary to showcase its newest production Kurios, an enchanting story of an inventor who brings the impossible to life.

Gearshifting Performance Works, Jolene Bailie

Myriad Beings

Performance | Spectacle

Winnipeg MB
April 17-18 avril 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Floating Construct

A 2012 duet between dancer and city by Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh.

360 Dance

Breaking Out

By Philip Szporer

In the spectacularly popular gaming arena, dance has been marginalized due to its seemingly limited commercial viability, but that is changing.

f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project

A body lies curled on her side in the corner of an all-white room and begins violently twitching–a scene from f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project for an upcoming show featuring original and remounted work.

The Three Cornered Hat

The Three Cornered Hat presents a study of movement, space and human interaction that promotes audience participation all the while keeping a humorous and quirky disposition.


Staging Sustainability with William Yong in vox:lumen

By Brittany Duggan

Choreographer William Yong premiered his new work vox:lumen at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Theatre from March 4 to 7, 2015. The work is powered by kinetic and renewable energy and asks: what does a show that is powered by sustainability look like?


Odysseo with Darren Charles

By Armando Biasi

Before starting hip hop classes at the age of fourteen, Darren Charles trained as a decathlete and high-board diver. He is now the choreographer and resident director for Odysseo the wildly popular equine extravaganza produced by Cavalia.

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