York University Department of Dance

York Dances

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
March 30-31 mars 2016
7:00 & 8:30 | 19:00 & 20:30

York University Department of Dance

Dance Innovations: Strong/Light

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
November 26-28 novembre 2015
Various days and times | Spectacles à différentes dates et heures

Woven by Peter Chin

This new work is inspired by the intertwined threads of woven art in Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada.

Montréal Danse

Choreographic Research Workshop/Atelier de Recherche Chorégraphique

Workshop | Classe

Montréal  QC
December 14-18 décembre 2015

On the Ground


By Lee Slinger, Brittany Duggan, Sarah Lochhead

The Dance Current team is on the ground taking in this unique thirty-five-day arts and culture festival for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games in Toronto.


#TBT ten years to the premiere of Vivarta – Manifestations Of Vishnu by Sampradaya Dance Creations as the company celebrates twenty-five years.

University of Calgary Program of Dance

Dance Montage

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
November 19-21 novembre 2015
Nov. 19-21 @ 8:00 | 20:00


Dancing on the Edge 2015: Part 2

MOVE: the company and Wen Wei Community Dancers By Pia Lo

Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) has been a mainstay of the Vancouver dance scene for the past twenty-seven years, presenting outstanding work of professional artists from Vancouver and elsewhere while giving an equal platform to emerging artists. For many, their premiere at DOTE is often in collaboration with established professionals that may lead to return appearances in subsequent years. The opportunity to witness an individual artist’s progression over multiple performances, year over year, is another rewarding quality of this festival.


Dancing on the Edge 2015: Part 1

Edge 5 and Steppin’ By Lori Henry Dancing on the Edge Festival 2015

Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge festival brought another strong collection of work this year. On the whole, the mixed programs were well matched each evening, with the longer pieces generally being more cohesive and developed. The Site Works continue to be good entry points for new audiences (as well as a place to debut new or in-progress choreographies).


Dancers’ Studio West’s Dance Action Group


As a cultural community, Calgary’s artists seem to create and perform without looming historical precedents, and with it a refreshing lack of self-consciousness. People just do what they want to do. This ethos is evident in the work of DAG – a relatively small group of performers and choreographers from a diverse range of backgrounds who make up the artistic core of Dance Action Lab.

Bird Girls

Duet featuring Tate McRae (age 11) and Briar Nolet (age 16), both Stars Academy Talent artists, with choreography by Stephanie Rutherford of Toronto-based Rutherford Movement Exchange.


A Meeting of Minds

Merce Cunningham archivist David Vaughan and Pepper Fajans at Montréal’s Fringe Festival By Philip Szporer

Fringe festival-going can be a distinctly hit-or-miss experience. It was my great surprise to happen upon Co. Venture, a beauty of a show produced and developed by the fledgling Brooklyn Touring Outfit in its world premiere. The piece, performed by the duo, is about their cross-age friendship.

Alberta Ballet

Up Close

Performance | Spectacle

Calgary AB
November 18-21 novembre 2015
Nov. 18, 19, 20 & 21 @ 7:30 | 19:30


Cutting to the Chase

By Jillian Groening Chase Scenes #1-58

On June 19, Winnipeg-based choreographer and performance artist Ming Hon took the adrenaline-boosting phenomenon of film to the gallery in an exhilarating new work.


Canada Dance Festival 2015

Challenging the Idea of Dance By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé Canada Dance Festival/Festival Danse Canada

The yearly festival serves as a community leader in Canadian dance in order to foster the art form’s growth and its reach, featuring artists from across the country.

Researching Book of Love

This video captures the research for Book of Love, a new piece of choreography by Kokoro Dance’s Jay Hirabayashi, performed at EDAM Studio Theatre in Vancouver for EDAM’s choreographic series in May, 2015.


An FTA Round Up

By Philip Szporer Festival TransAmériques (FTA)

This ninth edition of Montréal’s Festival TransAmerique (FTA) was once again a two-week intensive bringing dominant artists as well as newer voices from the Canadian and international scene together from the realms of dance, theatre and performance. There was an overload of stimulation, from the poignancy and charm of Seoul’s Eun-Me Ahn’s dancing grandmothers and her astonishing company, to Daniel Léveillé’s continued study into personal space and the engagement of the other in Solitudes duo, or Stéphane Gladyszewski’s study Phos, using a playground of technology to probe what’s seen and unseen, as just a few examples of work on view.


José Navas creates new work inspired by Montréal.


Dance and Objecthood

By Ben Portis

In dance training, personality routinely gets tamped down. The dancer’s discipline begins with conditioned sublimation of his or her individual identity and experience, let alone spontaneity and expression. This leaves dance in a curiously anachronistic position with respect to a new generational trend in the arts – interdisciplinarity.

The Return of Peter Quanz’s Untitled

The finished ballet from 2013 explores a group of people struggling with the duality of drawing strength from within their community while also serving the basic individual needs to survive. Untitled is remounted in Q DANCE’s June 2015 production.

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