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Amanda Pye

Roxanne Korpan / Photo by Citrus Photography and Dancers' Studio West
Michael Caldwell, Jennifer Dallas, Candice Irwin, David Norsworthy, Genevieve Robitaille

Series 3 - Into the Fire

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 21-22 avril 2018
21 @ 7:00 | 21:00


This is Our Place

This is Our Place was a mini dance residency held and performed within a Toronto home in between tenants. Featuring six local dance artists over the course of three days, the residency concluded with a work-in-progress showing on November 4.

On the Ground

New experiences unfold at Toronto Fringe

By Megan Kimmerer

From an extremely physical piece dealing with personal revolution and life’s greatest questions, to a full-length show made up of three shorter works, each with their own unique themes and finally an autobiographical piece rich with raw emotion, dance at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival was nothing short of entertaining.